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Here in the ancient land of Delphi, honey is a traditional product which is produced for many generations now. The place is ideal as it is drowned in thyme and fir. We have been taught the beekeeping art from our grandparents and with a little luck we will pass it over to our grandchildren.

Growing up we add science to that knowledge and with the help of technology, we continually strive to improve the quality of our honey. In a perfectly natural environment for the bees, away from human activities, these small tireless workers, are toiling around the clock to bring to your table an absolute natural product.

In the sacred land of god Apollo, under the shadow of mount Parnassus, we produce honey from thyme and fir which may be the most qualitative flora for honey production.

What we offer you is a product made 100% of nectar, honeydew, pollen and love.

Greek honey is considered to be the best in the world.

We will try to keep it that way without any deduction and compromise.

MoKa honey 1947

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