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What we offer is a unique, amazing and very interesting experience that you may live during your vacations. This is not a museum or exhibition but something alive and real. Surely after a visit you will never see honey or honeybees the same way again.

The aim and main idea of this tour, is to let people know about the very interesting life of the bee, the importance of this insect to our lives and also to promote our motherland and its ability to produce highest quality traditional products. These products, through the years, have lost their real economic and qualitative value. Through this effort we want to bring them back where they deserve to be.

Price vαries, starting from 15 το 50€ per adult and 8 to 30€ per kid under 15 years old

(bee tour - private bee tour - tour & food experiance).

Price includes a small jar of honey as souvenir.

*Tour is available ONLY through booking at our website or through mail or phone contact.

You can also book an appointment out of the already fixed schedule that is available on our site. Just email us and let us know the date and time you wish to visit. (MAP)

The tour includes transportation with our own private cars due to bad road condition (you can use your own car if you wish but keep in mind a bit rough road for 200 meters) to our apiary, just outside from the city of Itea, where the tour is taking place (MAP). The tour lasts about 90 minutes. Then visitors can lay back and relax in the surrounding area, talk about the bees and the honey and enjoy the view and the Greek landscape as well.

*Don't hesitate to email us for any further information or for an out of the schedule tour.

Call us for any info or for an out of the schedule tour:


(you can also text us on Viber or Whatsapp applications)


(*Keep in mind that sometimes tour can be canceled due to weather or other obligations.

There will be a notice email or tel., before the specified date of the tour.)

Meet your tour guide:





John is a MSc Agronomist, graduated from Agricultural University of Athens specialized in insects like bees and mosquitoes. He operates as a beekeeper at the same time, taking over this great job from his great-grandparent. 

Science is explaining life so this is the right guy to tell you everything you need to know about this amazing insect we call bee.

Meet your tour guide:





Nikiforos is a beekeeper and olive farmer.

He is also a sound engineer and after many years working at the same time in advrtising at big companies like McCann-Ashley workgroup he decided to start this beekeeping tour expirience and share his passion for the bees with everybody.

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