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All types of MoKa honey are 100% raw, straight out of the hive. Our honey is produced exclusively inside Delphi municipal borders. We keep our beehives in the wild areas of our municipality, aiming for the thyme flower and fir honeydew as it is done for thousands of years.

We use only biological treatments to deal with the bee's diseases and enemies, in order to make this chem-free organic product.



This honey is our hardest to make honey. In order for a honey to be called "Thyme" honey according the law, it must contain more than 18% of thyme inside. And this is a little hard to achieve every year. Thyme flower makes small quantities of nectar and bees can't make large quantities of honey. So we harvest about 2kg from each hive, every year. This award wining product, has every year more than 18% of thyme inside and contains as well, many different wild herbs, that you can find in the wild areas of Delphi municipal. With it's characteristic amber color and it's unique taste, thyme honey, deserves to be called the most flavorful Greek honey.



This is the most common local honey that contains many different wild flowers and thyme about 3-8%, depending the year. This honey is our 3rd harvest of the year. Comes from 3 different wild areas in Delphi municipality. Light yellow-amber color. Very smooth and rich taste that varies from year to year. Loved by kids. This is our best selling honey!



This honey is our 1st harvest of the year. We collect this honey at late May and leave the hives with small quantities of honey in order to avoid bee's laziness for the forthcoming thyme blossoming. It comes from 3 different wild areas in Delphi municipality and contains all spring flowers of our area that bees love. Very delicate taste that varies from year to year, ideal for your breakfast.



Our ancient land has really big mountains like Giona (2.510m) and the sacred Parnassos (2.457m). Up in these mountains, we have the unique Greek fir or Abies cephalonica. Some insects when they attack these fir trees, leave behind what we call honeydew. Bees take that and convert it into honey. This is a very rare honey that you can only find in Greece. It is a dark, thick and heavy in taste honey, It is said that a fir honey is good enough when you eat it with your eyes closed and the taste makes you think that you are up in the mountains.



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