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All types of MoKa olives or olive oil are 100% produced inside the UNESCO heritage site of Deplhi's olive grove.

We try to promote these unique products with this unique taste that you can only find here.


MoKa Olives

MoKa olives come from the variety "Konservolia" of which it consists the local traditional olive grove. This variety was existing only in our area and produces probably the best variety of eatable olives. Nowadays, farmers all over Greece use this variety because of its ability to make big, tasty olives.


MoKa Olive Oil

100% extra virgin olive oil.

Our olive oil of course is produced by the same trees. Olive oil from this variety of olives trees is hard to make because you need to press more olives to make a kg of oil compered to other varieties. Also our olive oil is chem free because we don't spray our olive trees. With no more than 0.5% free acidity and rich taste, this is one of our products that we are very proud of!

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