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Here in the ancient land of Delphi, olives and olive oil are a traditional products which are produced for thousands of years. The valley under Delphi which is called "Plestos", hosts the oldest and the biggest olive grove in Balkans. In this area we still of course produce, the same and local and unique variety of olive that is now called "Konservolia".

Inside this UNESCO heritage site we cultivate our trees with respect to the history and our ancestors that handed over their land to us. Some of our trees are more than 1000 years old and of course still producing. All the new technics that we use during for harvest the olives are environmental friendly with full respect to all these traditions that make us proud of our land and products.

Under the sacred temple of god Apollo and the shadow of mount Parnassus, we produce the highest quality of olive oil and olives. What we offer you is a product made 100% of hard work and love.

Greek olives and olive oil is considered to be the best in the world.

We will try to keep it that way without any deduction and compromise.

MoKa honey 1947

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